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    Have gotten in state where tokens show transparent light green sometimes

    During testing for some extension fixes I was making I found that in a test campaign I created I got in a state where the CT entries placed on a map as tokens would show light transparent green when a NPC/PC token was selected that did not have darkvision. NPC/PC with darkvision had tokens they saw display normally. I had sunlight and dawn defined which gave same results. I've turned off all the extensions on this campaign so just bring up the campaign - open the ForestMap1 in which the tokens from the CT are placed - and select one. You'll see all the other tokens turn transparent light green if the token you selected does not have darkvision. And appear normal if it had darkvision.

    All it should take to duplicate. And players connected to this always show normal tokens - these transparent light green tokens only show on host.
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    It's actually another bug where ambient lighting by itself is not counting for visibility checks. The green background is just the faction underlay that is visible because you are the GM and can see the slightly transparent version of all tokens even when not visible.

    I've added your example to the notes I have from the previous report.


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    Ah, good to know that the ambient lighting visibility bug is actively looked into. We did not get any feedback on this in the thread where it was originally reported.

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