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    Fantasy Grounds Message Boards: Followed thread email links

    (this bug refers to the Website, .. i dont see any place for website bugs, so Mods, feel free to move this where it shoudl be)

    The Message Board allows users to follow threads, and it can be configured to send an email to the user when a given thread has any update.
    this works 99.9% of the time.

    however this ONE thread :
    ALWAYS BREAKS. because the link looks like this in the email:
    and only this part of the url is actually seen by the Browser when you click on the link

    the result is that when you click on the link, the browser only opens to the FIRST page of the thread, not the actual recent post. (which in this case is 51 pages later).

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    I have not seen this. I just sent that link to myself in Gmail; then clicked the link in the received email; and it came up right away.

    Perhaps it's something specific to your email service/client?


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    all i can say is i use yahoo mail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FyreM View Post
    well i can also show you this
    It looks like either the browser or Yahoo mail is stopping the URL highlighting at the open bracket. The URL works fine for me in Windows mail client:

    URL link.jpg
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    ok it must be yahoo mail itself. oh well. thanks.

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