FG License: FGU license (I own various source books and a few modules)
Time Zone: GMT+9
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Saturday (maybe Sunday), bi-weekly or monthly, 10 pm - 2 am
Term: one-shot, short-term, or long-term
Voice: Discord, text, zoom, skype

Game System Preferred: D&D 3.5E (Regular or Gestalt), or D&D 5E
Game System Experience: Over 8 years of experience with D&D 3.5E and Pathfinder 1E, 1 Year experience with 5E (LMoP module ran), Star Wars Sage Edition 1 year
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Fantasy Grounds Classic 2 years, Fantasy Grounds Unity 4 months

Character Type Preferred: Team Player, I like to be part of a group that works together. Party doesn't always have to agree but I am not interested in PvP or inter-party theft. I enjoyed Spontaneous Casters and Martials when I last played. If someone can teach my how to have a reasonable amount of book-keeping for a prepared caster in Fantasy Grounds, I would consider it.

About me: I played on and off as player and DM when I first got started in D&D. After that, I was the DM for a long-term in person group in a homebrew campaign for about 3 years. It went on hiatus and was resumed for another year of play before it finally got shelved due to scheduling. I then ran another multi-year campaign in PF1E that reached a decent stopping point. I moved to Japan and switched to 5E because the ability to run from a module with all the effects programmed in was really helpful. Recently scheduling with my original group and my second group has become difficult due to everyone's schedules so I figured now was the perfect time to take a break from the DM chair and try to enjoy being a player again. As a DM I always tried to encourage roleplay and creativity and helped teach various new players how to play, some of whom have gotten the DM bug and now run their own games back in the US.

If you want to get to know me over voice chat before inviting, lets set up a session 0 to get to know each other and fill me in on what sort of character would fit your campaign/world/group.