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    Curse of Strahd vo Zarovich DM seeks Players GMT -8

    DM Seeking Players for Curse of Strahd von Zarovich 5e

    Format: Fantasy Ground Unity (I have the Standard version, so I am unable to accommodate Demo players)

    About Me: I have played since the 80s on and off and usually prefer DMg because I like the prepping. Call me crazy. I like to DM for players that enjoy roleplaying as much as combat and dont really care about choosing only the most powerful options for their PCs. Not that they should not be strong, of course. The story comes first in our game. All else must bow down to the story and the players make the story. I am rusty after coming off a period of not playing but I have time and would love to get creative again.

    Session Times:
    I live in Los Angeles. 3 to 4 hour sessions will be held Fridays at 1pm local time. We are GMT -8. I am hoping to begin when we fill out with players. I would like to keep it to 4 players so a balanced party will be a good idea. I like it when PCs get more me time and less players supports me in this regard.

    Start Date: Planning for a 11/30 session 0 0.5 and move on from there.

    Important points: This is a game that welcomes all types of people as long as they are respectful of everyone. We do not discuss politics, religion, or any other sensitive subjects. Ever. I dont care what your beliefs are in these areas. I only care about how you treat and respect others in our game. We will use Standard Array along with PHB, DMG, SCAG & Curse of Strahd Players Guide for PCs. All PCs will begin at Level 3 and we will skip the introductory adventure.

    Contact: email [email protected]

    Players that can attend the sessions most of the time and fit the general qualities I hope to attract can please email me a character idea (or 2) and some info about themselves.
    GM Rondor Redbeard

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    If you decide to maybe do this on Friday nights PST, I'm down! I live in San Diego. Don't get off work until 530pm.

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