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    Space Toolkit v1 (FGU only)

    This is currently a reserved support / comment thread for an upcoming Forge Product named 'Space Toolkit v1' which I will be submitting for publication shortly.

    The toolkit currently contains over a dozen battle maps, over 20 planetary tokens, a handful of asteroid tokens, and a nice variety of map markers. You can quickly set-up a ship engagement or system exploration.


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    A couple of quick notes...

    I believe that the set will be available shortly. It has all of the needed approvals.

    No scale is set on the provided maps - it defaults to the standard default of 5 feet. Since the maps can be used with a variety of systems, I could not really pick a good increment of measurement. The divisions for the grid are currently set to 100px with many maps being 50x40 with that. It would be easy enough to shift to 50px with the maps then being 100x80 which should feel fairly huge - this might be desirable particularly in games where sensor range and running silently are important considerations. Space, after all, is big (and mostly empty).

    At any rate, if any of you have preferences for the default scale, please let me know.



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    I really dig the toolkit, Topdecker!

    Would it be possible to add PNG Image assets of the asteroids, planets, and other Tokens for staging? Tokens can be moved, and that's got some advantages, but they also exist on top of the grid (meaning other tokens can get lost inside/underneath them) and are interactable by players/the GM even when the map is in Play mode.

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    I am glad that you like it! I will get the PNG's added as images. I haven't used FGU's layers as much as I should, so getting this closer to right will be a great learning opportunity.


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