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    A couple minor 5E theme and decal observations

    This is a super minor observation, but now that the 5E decals are de-coupled from the 5E D&D Official theme (and can be used with any theme), I noticed that dnd5_decal_2.png is missing a transparent region inside the "R": dnd5_decal_2.png

    Another thing that stood out was that the Asset, Decal, and Portrait dialogs all have a pretty large window shadow built in, compared to the other windows in the default 5E theme at least. I think this is present in the Live version as well, I just hadn't noticed it before. Asset Window shadow

    FGU v4.1.12, 5E ruleset v2021-11-15
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    I pushed an update for that decal. However, reskinning the token windows requires artwork plus changes; and they are the same as they have always been. It will have to wait until a time when we might look at updating the themes in general.


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    Thanks! I just checked out the updated decal and it looks like the "R" is fixed but it looks like the transparency was lost (it's just black now): Capture.JPG
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    I accidentally left the background in place that I was using to check that I removed the white correctly. I just updated again.


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    That was quick. It looks good now, thank you!

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