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    New Skin WIP - Trying to remove grid paper graphics

    So I'm trying to create a new skin for the official OSE ruleset (OSE2.pak) thats easier on my eyes when playing late at night.

    My first step is to track down all the instances of the "gridpaper" and edit.

    I've gotten most of them, but there are a lot of elements on the charsheet which remain.
    Every graphic file from the original .pak has been edited in the .ext, but I'm still getting grids.
    I assume there's still entries in a xml from the pak that refer to those images vs the ones in the ext.

    Honestly, I'm way more familiar with illustration than xml.

    Anyway, here's the result after an afternoon.OSE2 skin 1.gif
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    Did you try the FG dark theme? It removes most of the grids. I went back in and cleaned it up so it would work with FG themes. Some of the graphics are custom so you will have to go in an rename them yourself. If you need help with specific area message me on discord.

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    By the way those areas your missing are under frames or icon folder. You are on the right track.

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