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    Character who can see through walls, how would you implement it with LoS in FGU?

    Hello, fellow roleplayers!

    I have a player (in a CoreRPG-based ruleset campaign) who is designing a character with the power to concentrate on a section of wall and see what is happening on the other side. How would you implement this with the LoS mechanics in FGU?
    Right now I have a couple ideas, which I don't really like that much:

    1. Describe to the player what their character sees;
    2. Add a token on the other side of the wall to allow them to actually see, but unless the room is darkened the player will be able to see anything that the token would be able to see instead of a small area around it;
    3. Maybe something using masks?

    How would you tackle this?

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    Some sort of effect-applied vision limitation on the token perhaps? I'd guess something akin to:
    - their token has typical vision applied
    - when they use this ability, delete their token from the map, alter the effect to apply a range limit, then drop their token onto the viewed area (with the caveat 'please do no move your token')
    - when they are done viewing, do that in reverse order and put their token back in the original spot

    (that said: describing it seems easier/faster).
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    You can limit that vision on the other side of the wall with VISMAX: # effect.

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