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    LOS issues with TYP Tomb of Horrors

    LOS: In the Tales from the Yawning Portal, Tomb of Horrors module, the links for various of the "BattleMaps" -- especially for the entrances need some additional line of sight added.
    The main overall "Tomb-Players" map does have LOS, but each of the texts for entrance 1, 2, 3 all have a link to "Battlemap," and it seems like from that context the intent is to use those rather than the large overall map, otherwise why link them and why call them Battlemaps? Additionally there are links in the text for Encounters, and for those when you click on the "Add encounter to combat tracker" the "NPCs" are indeed placed on those Battlemaps, further emphasizing that it seems that those are the ones intended to be used in play.
    Battlemap "Map-One-Players" has no LOS. Small enough area but without LOS, the players can see some doors that would allow for spoiler information.
    Battlemap "Map-Two-Players" has no LOS. Similarly players would be able to see beyond doors and walls and see where a trap would be.
    Note in this second case, even if we use the main overall "Tomb-Players" map, the LOS in the area of entrance 2 makes it obvious where the trap is.
    In the case of Battlemap "Map -Three Players" there is one lone door LOS occluder feature on the map (so it seems occluders were intended), but no walls at all. (The encounter again places the token on this map versus the larger "Tomb-players".)
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    Thanks, I'll add this to my list.
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