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    LFG - 2 players - 5e - Fri or Sat after 8 PM ET

    Who we are We are old college buddies, Rick and Jason, age 39 and 40 respectively, who like to play D&D online as a way of hanging out together long-distance. We're both laid back, no drama types, who can fit into nearly any group dynamic. I (Rick) tend to be a bit more reserved though selectively gregarious while Jason is more of the even-keel, outgoing, talkative type.

    What we're looking for
    First and foremost, we're looking for a mid- or long-term, weekly, D&D 5e game with other mature, reliable, easy-going people. We're available on Friday and Saturday evenings after 8pm ET / 7pm CT. Setting-wise, other than preferring not to play a campaign we've already completed before (see below), we're quite open. We enjoy a healthy mix of the 3 pillars and are open to any balance that isn't entirely skewed in one direction. To date we've only played primarily on Roll20 w/ Discord, but we're both technically savvy and happy to spend time learning fantasy grounds should we find a game here. We're open to paid sessions if the game merits it.

    We've been playing D&D (some together, some not) for ~5 years including a few campaigns through to completion and a half dozen or so more than petered out for various reasons I'm sure we've all experienced. Campaigns we've played include Lost Mines of Phandelver, a good chunk of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Waterdeep Dragon Heist, and a customized Storm Kings' Thunder (gestalt characters, some light homebrew), and a few sessions each of Curse of Strahd and Tomb of Annihilation. We've also done some custom settings.

    Character Preferences
    We've both played a variety of characters (race/class/role) and enjoy exploring new classes and archetypes, though my friend especially enjoys exploring characters built around "off-meta" support mechanics. We both have a few characters developed (or in development) that can be adapted easily for a new campaign -- or can start from scratch if that's how the DM prefers to roll. In particular, we have a pair of orphan brother characters with a (customizable to the setting) joint backstory that we'd love the opportunity to explore. We're generally not power gamers, preferring to make choices based on the unique makeup of the character and setting. We're both strategic by nature and are cognizant of being as effective within that framework. That said, we realize that D&D is a story you tell together, not a game you "win".

    I'll monitor this thread and Fantasy Grounds messages, but can also be reached on Discord at Calvor#9817

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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    Eager player!

    Hi! I'm Jane, and I've been playing DnD since the basic set. I don't have experience playing in fantasy grounds or roll20, but fairly technically savvy and look forward to learning. Character wise, I play about anything, though I tend to shy away from wizards/sorcerers. I'm very familiar with the 5e rules and look forward to hearing back from you all! I'm 46 if you must know :P


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    Oh, I'm open to any campaign, haven't played anything in years.

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