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    Drago - Slow Token Response and Movement

    An seeing slow token selection response and movement in this campaign (attached as zip)
    Large number of them have Candle Lighting attached to them so possibly related
    Could also be related to one or more of the extensions in play, yet to do dull diagnosis
    Other campaign havent shown this issue but havent had the same number of lighting effects on individual tokens
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    Unfortunately, you have 60 extensions loading, as well as at least one that I know is messing with saving/loading files dynamically for fog-of-war.
    Also, I couldn't tell which map was problematic, as there were so many loaded and you didn't specify.

    In order for me to pass on to our image developer, I would need to get an example campaign without any extensions that exhibits the problem.


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    Copied Campaign and unloaded all extensions
    Map is that which all in CT are on, called Players Map Beauregard Mansion
    Is a bit better without extensions but also wasnt as bad before without any players connected
    Still seems a little jittery when moving player tokens about
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    Unloading extensions can still leave a lot of stuff in the db.xml. Moon Wizard means a new campaign without extensions and a map that you can reproduce the issue on.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here

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    Unfortunately, the map you mention that the tokens are on from the combat tracker is in a custom module called "A Night of Fright", which was not provided with the campaign. So, I still can't see what you are seeing.


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    Thanks for sticking with us on getting that narrowed down. I was able to open the map, and see some reduced performance.

    It probably has something to do with lots of window line-of-sight blockers and 25 tokens on the map at once.

    I'll forward on to our image developer, @cpinder, to see what he finds.


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    No, Thank YOU for persisting with it!
    I have a bunch of tokens on there for furniture etc, is that contributing do you think?

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    Yes, the number of tokens has the largest impact on performance, due to the vision, fog-of-war and visibility checks required. You should use the furniture as "image" assets instead, which cuts down drastically on performance overhead.


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