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    Converting from FGC to FGU

    Hi Folks,
    I've been using FGC now while waiting a bit to switch over to FGU (even though I supported the Kickstarter etc). Well, I figured it's time to start looking into this and switching over. I'm fairly proficient with FGC but was wondering what I'll need to kind of "study up" on for FGU and if there are any videos that are specific to this. I would think images/line of sight would be one. Is there anything else that is different? Any input / links to things that would help the transition that I could watch would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!!

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    I think you will find most stuff is just the same.
    The biggest change is in regards to maps/images and all the extra features those have, like creating some maps on the fly, adding effects, lighting....
    But for everything else, it is a 1 to 1

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    Most of the changes tend to be in the image related features. Vision and Lighting has been expanded greatly from FGC and the tool set needs some time to get comfortable. You can see many of Josh's videos for examples and walkthroughs.
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    Moving/converting your campaign details are documented here;

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    One more resource is the "How do I ????? in Unity" here:

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    Some of our third-party modules or content that was created long ago using classic from the DM's Guild might give you some errors due to the ISO font format changes and the way images are handled and stored in Unity.
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