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    Syrinscape and Malevolence

    Ok, before I go too far down the rabbit hole on this, what are the best options to synic the sound effects to the adventure in FGU? My main worry, if I "pin" a sound effect to an encounter on the map or story line, it will be erased when FGU updates. If so, any ideas if you can automatically synic the Syrinscape sound effects with the adventure?

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    The AudioOverseer extension is likely what you're looking for. I use this with my campaigns; you can import the links in Syrinscape into the campaign and use them like any other object in Fantasy Grounds. AudioOverseer is designed to work with all CoreRPG based rulesets (so just about all of them) and can be found with a quick search of the forums (I'm on mobile and headed into a meeting right now, sorry). Take a look and enjoy! My players love it

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