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    Other: NEW DM in FGU interested to run a game and get more comfortable with the rules. Message if Interested (see Special Note below)
    Name: Cult of Shadows (a Tactical Maps Adventure Atlas session)
    Date: Thursday, October 28
    Time: 7pm EDT to 11pm
    Ruleset: D&D 5e
    FG License: I have Ultimate, you need FGU (free)
    Voice: Discord
    PC Level: 3

    Special Note: I have played several games of FGU online but want to test hosting my own game to ensure I have everything running smoothly. I wish to test my internet connection with multiple players, speed of using the ruleset on my current computer, and get more familiar with the rules of FGU.

    Please note, if there are connection problems to joining, there will not be a game (again, I have joined many games without issue, just never hosted). I would also really appreciate feedback from the players regarding DM style.

    Special Rules: Massive Damage and Lingering & Permanent Injuries rules will be in effect (DMG pg. 272, 273)
    Playstyle: I enjoy a perfect division between Role Play, Exploration and Combat. This adventure is mostly combat but I will certainly go into role playing and exploring as much as players want. Based on the writing of the model, on a scale of 10 the session seems to be broken down into the following: Role Play= 3/10 Explore= 2/10 Combat 5/10
    Character Creation: FG races/classes, Point Buy stats, starting equipment plus 200gp. Pre-generated characters will be available as an alternative if you give me a list of Race, Class, Background in your message to join.
    Description: Story Hook. A sage of Candlekeep, Alianne Winterglove (LN female moon elf priest), needs a group to escort her to an abandoned town in search of some of her apprentices. Alianne draws up a contract for the group to sign, ensuring their loyalty in returning for a payment of 300gp.

    No. of Players: Spots = 3/5 filled
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