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    Homebrew Game looking for players

    Hello, this is my first time DMing with a group of strangers, I have DMed for group of friends once and played as a character in a couple of campaign. This will be a homebrew campaign that I have been working on for a while. I am pretty loosey goosey when it comes to rules and changes. I am also still learning so I need players who are willing to go with the flow. Leave you application below with whatever information you want to give. Below I will leave my pitch for my campaign. Everything else will be on discord.

    Asha the Goddess created a new world, Astria with her six children Dolor the wise, Odarr the Kind, Seket the strong, Azazel the brilliant, Ophelia the beautiful and Alistair now known as the flawed. Together with her Children Asha created a massive continent with diverse life. They created Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, gnomes and Dragonborn who all lived in peace with their God. For hundreds of years they were all at peace.

    Alistair on his own created Orcs, they were his own and saw him as their father. Alistair wanted his own land to call his claiming a chunk of the continent with his children with the use of violence.

    This angered Asha, they were all at peace until this. The continent enters a long bloody war with Asha, her children and her Chosen 8 heroes leading her side. with Alistair leading his side, Alistair kidnaps people from the other races and transforms them into demon, twisted evil creatures. Alistair now has three generals helping him lead his side Rota El the controlling, Bailnor the Brutal and Varl the Envious.

    To combat the new threat of demons, Asha creates new weapons for her chosen heroes

    Elaine the human priestess of Asha was given the Staff of Ages

    Atlas the Dragonborn barbarian was given an Garm the axe

    Skol and Skal the dwarf twins were given the twin hammers

    Roland the human Paladin was given Shield of Stone

    Malak the human wizard was given the Ring of the Speaker

    Morgana the druid Halfling

    Talia the elf was given cloak of visible invisibility

    These were powerful items with use comes at cost…..

    In one of many battles Morgana dies, Malak begs Asha to bring Morgana back, Asha refuses. Angry Malak takes some of his followers and join Alistair’s side. Alistair bestows a gift to Malak creating the first vampire. Malak leading a devastating battle where Odarr and Seket both die and Ophelia is kidnapped. Her fate is not known. Malak is captured after this fight and sealed in a tomb to live forever alone.

    In the final fight, Asha leads her force in a bloody battle. Bailnor and Varl are both killed. Asha using much of her power to seal Alistair and his demons in a different realm. Azazel disappears during the fight. This fight what is now known The Cataclysm, the once one continent splits into many islands killing many and changing the landscape.

    The Goddess Accord was signed by the races of Asha’s side to guarantee peace among them the island was split between the heroes

    Roland: Home of Humans. Founded by the hero Roland. 5 of Roland followers were nobles to protect the land. Recently Roland has been building up their forces and slowly reaching out into unclaimed islands (Called The Steps.) 3 loyal people were made into minor nobles.

    Kruckenberg: Home of the Dwarves, Orcs are placed on a section of the island unwilling. Kruckenberg is an island full of mountains and stone with a lake built in the middle of it, island in the middle of the lake is where orcs are kept not allowing to leave without permission from dwarves. Most dwarf cities are under ground with small towns on the surface. Resources are gems and metals

    Greenwood: Home to the Wood elves, High elves and half elves former home of the dark elves. The elves vote for a leader in Greenwood who is the leader for life the second/current Higher elf(Leader) campaigned that dark elves are to blame for all the other elves issues, when elected, he forced all the dark elves he could find into the underdark and sealed them there. Lumber and excellent made bows are the resources. The only major city is in a middle of an island, on top of the world tree.

    Espen: nation where all races can live together (except of orcs.) Home and center of faith. The Augur is in charge. Pilgrimages happen to see the Asha’s first temples. Main resources are food and religion.

    Goodbrook: Home to halflings and gnomes. Peaceful and relaxed. Alcohol and instruments are the main resources

    Peace as remained since the Cataclysm but the whispers of war is on everyone’s lips.

    I am thinking either Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturdays probably after 7:30PST
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    Welcome to the Fantasy Grounds forums!

    Can you confirm that your game will be ran using the Fantasy Grounds VTT?
    Private Messages: My inbox is forever filling up with PMs. Please don't send me PMs unless they are actually private/personal messages. General FG questions should be asked in the forums - don't be afraid, the FG community don't bite and you're giving everyone the chance to respond and learn!

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    is this dungeons and dragons 5E?

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    I am interested. I would only be available for the Tuesday or Wednesday evening games however.

    Is this D&D 5e?

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    Hey just read the storyline and I love it, I am actually kinda new to DnD myself and was looking to find people to play with, just wondering what your discord was for easier communication.

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    I strongly recommend you edit you original post and follow the guidelines from the "Template for Game Listings" that is stickied in the LFG section. It lays out the kind of information they you should provide so you don't get people asking things like "what system is this game?" and "are you actually using FG?"

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    Super same story of personal play! I have played about 3 one shots and ran a weekly homebrew for two months of my own story, I was very loose with the rules as I didn't know them and if anyone corrected me cause something was wrong, we would all look it up, or, if I decided, as the DM, I'd let it through LOL I was told that was really awesome of me to kind of go with the flow of the game, if any of my game things got missed I just went with the flow and moved on. I am in, I am available every weekday after 3:30PM PST, any time during the weekends. Let me know!

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