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    I moved your post to the correct thread.

    1. There is no main tab on the party sheet.
    2. To add a PC drop it on the Order tab.

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    Hi, we are having trouble with adding a damage adjustment (under weapon proficiency) to the two-handed sword. The DmgAdj box doesn't affect the damage output for any of our characters using the two-handed sword, but it does work for those same characters when using different weapons. This led me to think it might be a bug. But, if not a bug, we'd appreciate any thoughts on what we might be doing wrong.

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    Yeah definitely a bug thank you for reporting. I'll get it fixed asap

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    OK it is fixed. The dash was snagging up the match. So I just stripped all special characters and spaces before I did the match. Not sure why I did not do that before.

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    Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on this!

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    Getting this error when "adding encounter to the combat tracker":

    [10/22/2023 11:44:37 AM] [ERROR] Script execution error: [string "OSE2:scripts/CombatManager2.lua"]:115: bad argument #2 to 'random' (interval is empty)

    Only 1 'Rat, Normal' was showing up on the Map and CT. It appears to be related to the '0' for the 'Rat, Normal' NPC's Hit Dice entry.
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    Yeah the normal rat has 1 Hp and no HD. You must have determine HP randomly and the lua function cant handle an interval 1,1. Ill put in a check and get this updated. Nice find.

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    When dropping a weapon from "Items" onto a NPC, the damage is not entered on the NPC sheet. Also, only the first property of the weapon is entered on the NPC sheet for the weapon. Additionally, when dropping a ranged weapon, the ranges are not listed.


    Dragging a "Sling" over to a NPC sheet, the damage the sling deals is blank and the only property listed is "Blunt". The qualities of the sling does not have "Blunt, Missile (5'-40'/41'-80'/81'-160')".

    When dragging a "Longbow" to the NPC sheet, the only property automatically listed is "piercing". The damage dealt is empty. The ranges and "Two-handed" are not entered in the bow's properties.

    Not a major problem, but would be handy to have all of the properties entered.

    I really dig this feature and use it very often.


    I see. The "Properties" are brought over. It is the "Qualities" that are not listed. Is there a way to list the Qualities of the weapon (in the Items page) in the "Properties" of weapon on the NPC sheet?
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    Yeah that is not coded. It's the third iteration and the last time I touched it added on drop. I'll see if I can finish it up when I get some time.

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