Hey everyone. I would love to see if anyone is up for running a savage worlds. 1-3 shot adventure.

Setting: prefer fantasy or sci fi, or apocalypse. (Letís face it I would love to play rifts) but Iím good with any setting.

Availability- most evenings (except Thursdays). After 6:30 pm central time (Chicago). I am available this weekend. Then again starting after November 1st. Next week I have family plans.

So Iíve been gaming for decades. I want to actually start a savage worlds campaign myself, but have little experience with it. Or using it on fantasy grounds. Iíve ran a few sessions last one was over a year ago. And thank was only one time. Then before that was 2 or sessions back in 2018. So Iím a bit rusty on the rules/ and FG interaction.

I love what Iíve seen of-the system. And really want to get more familiar with it. So if anyone is feeling antsy and wants to run. Please let me know. Iíll check back.