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    Using the Story Template system to create chases


    I doubt this is possible but wonder if I'm missing something. I've made a table of Random Hazards and Barriers as per the Chase, Part 5: Optional Rules. This is all well and good and on creating a random chase, I just roll and add the entry to the new chase. Only thing is, I'm lazy. Currently I have a couple of Story Templates with the following:

    • Short Chase = [4x1d10][Random Hazards and Barriers]
    • Medium Chase - [6+1d10][Random Hazards and Barriers]
    • Long Chase - [10+1d10][Random Hazards and Barriers]

    In an ideal universe I'd love the output to create a Chases rather that Story entry. Any ideas all if this is possible?


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    I'm not completely following your Story Temple examples, because to the best of my knowledge [4x1d10][Random Hazards and Barriers] syntax won't work in a template, neither would your other 2 examples. Is it possible you instead have [4d10x] [Random Hazards and Barriers], [6+1d10x] and [10+1d10x] in your templates?

    From my understanding of it, the 4 table output types (chat, story, encounter, parcel) are defined by the Core RPG ruleset that the CoC7 ruleset is built upon. So in order to do what you're suggesting, an extension that adds a new Core RPG output type for Chases would need to be created. That would be tricky though, because Chases are a feature created by the CoC7 ruleset. My knowledge of extensions is too limited to be sure if it's even possible, but if it is I can't imagine it be easy to create and anything short of very complicated. I'm going to say it wouldn't be possible, but there's some very savvy extension creators in the FGU community who continually impress me with the workarounds they code, so you never know.

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