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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    I added the random encounter link drop to encounter support in the latest beta version of CoreRPG.
    Awesome thanks
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    So far I've been very impressed by the work, the sidebar is a huge improvement and the builder will allow many folks to produce professional-looking content.

    However, one issue I have is with Reference Manuals.

    The widths have changed of the content list (chapters etc) and the page. The content list has been made wider, and the bar between content list wider to fit the new 'collapse the content list' (nice feature btw).

    This has meant that all images of 550px are being truncated (headers and main images).

    Also more worrying is that images that are set to be smaller than 550 (some larger maps for example set to 375 x height) are increased to 550 if they are that size or bigger on disk.

    Plus I've also noticed that in LIVE the image is one size, and in TEST the same image is a bit larger, meaning the reduced width of the page is even more of an issue.

    I've got an attachment showing the TEST (at the top) compared to the LIVE (at the bottom).

    Attached Images Attached Images
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