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    Is There an Offline 4e PC Builder Still Around?

    As a treat I'm planning on running a 4e adventure for my current D&D group during the Holidays that's set in Nerath. I dug out my 4e books and PDFs and successfully ran the Portable Compendium Module Generator to build the modules for FGU. The problem is, that almost all of my players were subscribers to the DDI Character Builder back in the day and a few don't think they can effectively build a PC without it. I personally worked off of paper for my first 2 or 3 years of playing, so I'm not so bothered, but I'll be the one DMing. I remember seeing an offline Character Builder being run on a players laptop, but I seem to recall it was missing quite a bit of content that caused the owner some problems.

    So...I'm wondering if there's an offline 4e Character Builder out there that has the content of the Portable Compendium?
    And If not, is there an extension or some other tool that can aid in building PC's in FGU?

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    Nevermind, I found one - nice that it has all of the updates. It lets you export your PC to the clipboard, so I'm thinking my players could paste their PC into a FGU note to help with PC creation. Very happy about all of this and it should get my couple of players over the hesitation hurdle.

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    What was the name of the 4e character builder? My group has been talking about running a 4e mini campaign

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