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    Capitalization in Login Names Issue

    Not sure where to report this, but it feels like a bug.

    When putting in my login information, I can use any kind of capitalization I like. I could login as maxastro, MaxAstro, or MaXaStRo and it will work fine.

    However, character ownership in a campaign pays attention to capitalization. So if I previously logged in as MaxAstro, and then I rejoin the campaign as maxastro, I no longer own my characters.

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    It's a difference between what the website allows; and what the client allows. The client has always required explicit capitalization.


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    To clarify, I am speaking strictly of the client.

    Basically, this problem happens because my players will occasionally switch computers for one reason or another, and have to put their login information into FGU on a new client. Frequently, they will end up capitalizing their name slightly differently and I will have to reassign ownership of their characters.

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    That’s kinda what Moon Wizard is saying. If you own the character as Zacchaeus and log back in the next day as zacchaeus then as far as the client is concerned you are a different player and do not own any characters. So the client expects the exact same name as was used by the owner of the character and so requires that name to be capitalised in the same way as it was last time.
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    I moved this since it seemed to do more with the client itself rather than forge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    It's a difference between what the website allows; and what the client allows. The client has always required explicit capitalization.
    The client is inconsistent, though.
    Opening the client, clicking Settings, and logging in to my FG web account - the client allows me to use any capitalization, and will log me in regardless.
    Then when I join a game: the capitalization I used to log in will determine whether I still own my character or not.

    Now, I know that the client "simply" relays the login to the website, but this is inconsistent behavior on the client, which is not caring about capitalization when doing the login but then caring about the capitalization when assigning ownership of a character. As such should be treated as a bug.
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