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    Image Folders

    HI all. I'm running the Age of Worms campaign for my players and I was wondering... is there a way to have folders in folders in the Images in FGU...? Like a Main folder for the campaign, then a subfolder for each of the modules? The way I'm going now I can see myself having to wade through loooooots of images to get to the one I want. I guess the same issue with Story and Encounters etc. It could be that I'm just using it wrong.. but so far I can't seem to make folders in folders in FGU.
    Cheers Rene

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    If you are talking about a purchased module then all of the content is in that module. Click on Library then on Modules and then find the module you want and click on Load. You will then see the module in the Library window. Click on it and the index of the module's content will appear in the right panel and you can click on images, story etc from there. The content can all be accessed from the buttons on the right as well.

    If you are talking about images that you have obtained outside FGU then you can create folders inside the images folder in the FG Data folder. These are then accessed directly from assets > Images > data.

    In this list of videos see video one for how to import images into FGU,

    See also this video for how to run a published adventure. It's not the one you are talking about but it is the same principle - just a different title.
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    Hi Zacchaeus. Thank you for your reply. I probably have to rephrase my question and offer some screen shots. ( This is all for non purchased stuff. ) The Age of Worms is something like 12 published modules. I'm uploading images from Paizo and adding LOS and lighting and adding encounters etc to the maps, but what I'm finding is I cant have a hierarchy of images for example in a Windows style folder structure inside FGU.


    How do I make a top level folder in the images folder that says: 2 - Three Faces of Evil which THEN has Caves of Eurythnyl, Citadel of Hextor and Labyrinth of Vecna in it, in stead of it all being a very flat structure? Does that make sense?


    I make a folder called: 2 - Three Faces of Evil in the images folder... sure, but that folder does NOT show up in the images folder in FGU


    Or am I doing something wrong? The way I'm going I'm foreseeing hundreds of images in a flat structure, where they could more easily be compartmentalized in 12 proper folders, one for each module... somehow giving a bit more coherence to the whole shebang?

    Sincerely yours Rene

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    The structure of Groups within the FG interface only supports a single level of grouping. Most users that need more granularity use prefixes or suffixes to denote subgroups when needed.


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