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    Looking for Players Pathfinder 1e

    New players who are new to the system are welcome. I want to start a Pathfinder 1e campaign. Everyone wants to either play 5e or Pathfinder 2e. I personally love Pfsrd 1e and wish to teach those who are veteran D&D players that need a breath of fresh air. 5e is great for starting players but with the uniqueness and better mechanics, I like recommending Pfsrd 1e. I am free evenings every day except for Fridays and Sundays. Message me if you're interested.

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    Any luck on a group, I'm also a fan of 1E PF.

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    I have a Saturday PF 1E game that I run off an on. Kind of tired of D&D 5E. Good luck in finding players!!

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    I'm always interested in new PF1 campaigns. My availability right now is mainly all evenings except Wednesdays.
    I love PF1 (and 3.5) for the sheer variety in character options. There's a class, archetype, or selection of feats for almost any concept you can come up with, and the vast majority of the classes are unique enough that they feel different from each other in play.

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    I’m interested.

    Tough to find pf1 dms.

    Not a huge fan of 5e and pf2 seems kind of dumbed down so I’m in if we can work out day/time.

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    Check your Direct Message.

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    Sorry for not replying, busy during weekends. My time CST, I will get back to ur post soon when I and find a comfortable schedule for a whole party.

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    I'm interested and I've send a PM.

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    I'm also interested and sent a PM.

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    Sent a dm I am also interested.

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