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    Concerning <windowclass>, <sheetdata>, and Templates

    Ok, 'nother noobie question.

    Here is CoreRPG's character sheet main page windowclass (from record_char_main.xml and abridged slightly for readability, with some question markers):

       <windowclass name="charsheet_main">
          <margins control="0,0,0,2" />
          <sheetdata>     #1
             <frame_char name="attributesframe">
             <label_frametop>     #2
                <anchored to="attributesframe" />     #3
                <static textres="char_label_attributes" />     #4 and #5
             <list_charmaincategory name="categories">
                <anchored to="attributesframe">
                   <left offset="15" />
                   <top offset="35" />
                   <right offset="-20" />
                   <bottom offset="-20" />
             <string_labeled name="senses">
                <anchored to="sensesframe" position="insidetop" offset="-15,10" height="20" />
                <label>Senses</label>     #6
                <delaykeyupdate />
    And here is the "label_frametop" instance (reprinted from above) along with its template (from template_common.xml):

          <anchored to="attributesframe" />
          <static textres="char_label_attributes" />
       <template name="label_frametop">
             <anchored position="insidetop" offset="0,10" />
             <center />
    Q #1: I have read the 'definition' of the sheetdata tag from both the Old, and New, Developer's Guides. I think I get it, although a more rigorous definition might be more illuminating. If there is any other place to go to get a better understanding please let me know (I know that's vague, but there's diminishing returns in trying to enumerate the other questions I have.)

    Q #2: There is no 'name = "blah"' associated with this template instance. What is the significance of that for this case?

    Q #3: I can only assume that the "<anchored>" tag in the windowclass instance overrides the anchored tag in the template. Is there some guidance on this?

    Q #4: On the other hand, there is no "<static>" tag in the template, so what is the meaning of including something that doesn't appear in the template? (NOTE: I just re-read the Templates page from the Developer's Guide, and I probably have #3 and #4 figured out... If there is any additional nuance to add, please do.)

    Q #5: And on the subject of the "<static>" tag, how does one know when a tag like this can just be put... well... anywhere? I can find no help in establishing a context for this usage.

    Q #6: Finally, there seemed to be a rule in place (to ease the conversion to a different language) for defining strings and then referencing them with "textres=..." But here we just have 'Senses', which appears to contravene that rule. Is there something special about this instance?


    - s.west

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    #1 - <sheetdata> contains the definitions of all the controls within the <windowclass>. Nothing more involved than that.

    #2 - if there isn't a name for the control then it can't be referenced in scripts and it can't be overridden via merge functionality in an extension or layered ruleset.

    #3 - information on templates here: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...or+code+re-use See the "Merge Behavior" section in particular.

    #4 - OK, you've already got this figured out. Should have read further before answering your questions. But also would have been nice to have edited/removed questions you've already sussed out yourself!

    #5 - Refer to "static" in the stringcontrol definition here: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia.../stringcontrol

    #6 - This is purely a developer preference - they are hard coding "Senses" rather than using a string resource. Ideally code should use textres references to facilitate easier translation. But there's many places in code where this isn't done - for either ease/quickness of coding or to maintain a specific naming convention.
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    I will certainly highlight, up front, any questions I have already figured out, but which I intentionally leave in, in case, as I mentioned, "If there is any additional nuance to add, please do."

    - s.west

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