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    Four New Products to Play Savage Worlds Online!

    Digital Adventures and Pinnacle Entertainment Group present four new product conversions for Fantasy Grounds II:

    • Savage Worlds Core Book Ruleset (with the adventure Against the Orcs)
    • Savage Tales: Noble Deceit
    • Savage Tales: Zombie Run
    • Savage Worlds Evernight Tokens

    These products are all you need to get started playing Fantasy Grounds online with friends across the globe. These products are available for Download at Digital Adventures' Online store, Smith and Robards Online Store (coming soon), and via OneBookShelf affiliates.

    Savage Worlds Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II
    Download Price: $12.00

    Our Fantasy Grounds II update to this award-winning RPG product is now available! Everything, and we mean everything, you need to play Savage Worlds is now built directly into our updated interface: card dealing initiatives, wild dice, a card dealing combat tracker that is shareable with the players, and drag-and-drop dice directly from the character sheet are now possible with this Fantasy Grounds II upgrade!

    Welcome to a revolution in gaming—Savage Worlds—a merger of the best ideas in role playing and miniature games! What’s so revolutionary? We’re glad you asked!

    • It’s Fast! Savage Worlds is the fastest and easiest fully-detailed roleplaying game you’ll ever play! You can fight out massive battles quickly and easily—with your heroes’ allies and minions—in one simple, fast-playing system!

    • It’s Furious! Characters gain awesome new abilities quickly, raising their attributes and skills and gaining powerful and exciting new Edges!

    • It’s Fun! Savage Worlds was designed to be a Game Master’s dream! GMs can write adventures, create new villains and monsters, and run epic tales, all without lots of bookkeeping. And you won’t need computer programs, three rule books, and a half-dozen setting books to do it. You’ll find everything you need right here and in the Savage Setting of your choice!

    • It’s also a Miniatures Game! Savage Worlds works as a miniatures battle game as well as an RPG. That means you can fight out your heroes’ epic battles to save the world right on the table-top! Or you can play a competitive battle with troops of your own design!

    • It’s Complete! Savage Worlds was designed to be used with any genre—from swashbuckling pirates to superheroes and sci-fi. Inside you’ll find complete and simple rules for epic heroes, vehicles, chases, magic, superpowers, mass battles, skirmishes, and even guidelines for designing your own races and worlds!

    ... and now with the Savage Worlds Ruleset you can play this fast-paced game online using the virtual desktop software Fantasy Grounds II!

    What is include in The Savage Worlds Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II:

    • All of the rules presented in the Savage Worlds core product, converted to easy-to-access links on your Fantasy Grounds desktop.

    • An already converted adventure module, AGAINST THE ORCS, complete with maps and tokens and ready for play!

    • Easy to follow instructions for the Savage Worlds players and game masters unfamiliar with Fantasy Grounds, and how to use the Fantasy Grounds software for special SW game mechanics.

    Those that purchased the Savage Worlds Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds v1.05 will be receiving an email with a free upgrade to this product.

    Savage Tales for Fantasy Grounds II: Noble Deceit
    Download Price: $5.00

    Strange events are going on in the city of Brinskurn. A holy sword has gone missing from the local monastery, and the Duke has put out the call for brave adventurers to find it. Who has stolen this artifact, and to what end? The heroes are about to be drawn into a web of deceit and betrayal where everything is not as it seems... Noble Deciet is a 36-page fantasy adventure, converted to Fantasy Grounds II, for a party of 4-6 Novice Rank characters. This one has it all! It's a dungeon crawl in the classic sense, but with a great backstory,

    Savage Tales for Fantasy Grounds II: Zombie Run
    Download Price: $5.00

    In the vein of "Dawn of the Dead" (R) comes Zombie Run! Your band of heroes must venture across America in the wake of a zombie outbreak. Survival is the first order of business, and the weird people, places, and things you'll meet along the way aren't often going to help. Zombie Run includes detailed scrounging tables, a mini-campaign suitable for many nights' adventures, and an epic conclusion that should prove a real "blast" for the whole party! Zombie Run is a 42-page modern day adventure for Savage Worlds, converted to Fantasy Grounds II. Characters can start at Novice Rank or higher as decided by the GM. Zombie Run was written by Jonathan Pierson, and illustrated by Rico Pollard and Niklas Brandt!

    Savage Worlds Evernight Tokens for Fantasy Grounds II
    Download Price: $3.50

    These awesome full-color tokens contain 35 different actual figures, including giant monsters like the stompers and of course all the character archetypes. That gives you almost every single character or creature listed in in the Evernight setting book for Savage Worlds! These tokens are fantasy-based, and can be used with any fantasy setting.

    Buy these products at Digital Adventures Online Store at:


    These products have been created for use with Fantasy Grounds II, and were developed with the latest updates for Fantasy Grounds II, so please update your installation accordingly. These products will not work with any other version of Fantasy Grounds. For information on product updates and upgrades visit our website at: www.digitaladventures.net.

    These Savage Worlds products were written for the Fantasy Grounds II software from SmiteWorks. For more information on products from Pinnacle Entertainment Group visit their website at https://www.peginc.com. For more information on Fantasy Grounds see their website at https://www.fantasygrounds.com. These products are Copyright 2007, Pinnacle Entertainment Group & Digitial Adventures, LLC. Used with permission from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The products' format, programming code, and presentation is copyrighted by Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Digital Adventures, LLC. Redistribution by print or by file is strictly prohibited.


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    This is awesome, thanks Kevin Been waiting for this..

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    Woot , Savaged

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorontar
    Woot , Savaged
    In case you didn't know, Savage Worlds does have an "official" sponser.


    Everyone needs two or three of these before every SW game.


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    And the Savages rejoice!

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    I'm declaring today an official Savage holiday.

    May your day be fast, fun and furious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thore_Ironrock

    Those that purchased the Savage Worlds Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds v1.05 will be receiving an email with a free upgrade to this product.
    I think you said you were waiting on a list of purchasers from DTRPG so it's not that I'm hassling you but do you have any idea how long before upgrades are made available? I'm tempted to buy the new version but I'd rather save my money for a couple of the scenarios!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamawell
    I think you said you were waiting on a list of purchasers from DTRPG so it's not that I'm hassling you but do you have any idea how long before upgrades are made available? I'm tempted to buy the new version but I'd rather save my money for a couple of the scenarios!
    I sent you a private message kamawell. Those comp coupons were sent out.

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    Ok, I have no idea (well, very little idea) how to play Savage Worlds... but this ruleset is WAY cool!

    There is a card dealer. Looks like one of those boxes that you see in movies where they pull cards out for blackjack. When you put guys on the init tracker and cycle though it auto deals them cards and sorts them into the right order.

    It has exploding dice that I got to see by clicking on Wild Jack to get Wild Dice.

    Very nice work guys! Now I just need to play the game.


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