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    Area Selection selecting extra points

    I have discovered an easy to reproduce bug when in LOS mode in which performing an area selection of multiple control points appears to select extra points but doesn't highlight them. I'm not sure if this is a set of minimal repro steps, but it seems to work for me every time:

    1. Create a new image.
    2. Enter LOS mode.
    3. Select 'Wall' and 'Line'
    4. Create two vertical parallel lines.
    5. Intersect those parallel lines with two horizontal lines (create a tic-tac-toe board essentially).
    6. Bisect one of the lines with another wall segment.
    7. Switch to 'Select' mode and select the resulting three control points.
    8. Press DELETE. Expected: only the three control points are deleted, creating a gap in the bisected line. Actual: More of the bisected line is deleted than expected.
    9. Hit CTRL-Z. Notice that there are actually four control points selected now.
    10. Clear the selection and select the three control points again.
    11. Press DELETE. The delete operation now works as expected.

    I have created a screen capture of this issue as well which is shared here

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    Great job tracking this down! I've been experience this as well but was not able to figure out why extra segments were being deleted. And had been too lazy to actually report it yet. Thanks

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    Interesting. I can reproduce although I've never seen it before. When I want to delete points like that I double click on one of the points to select the line and then press delete. This works and only deletes the points you expect - so it must have something to do with the selection box selecting something that it shouldn't.
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    Thanks. I've filed a ticket for @cpinder to review.


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