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    Image Side Tool Window

    Im an just getting into Fantasy Grounds and have a noob question. When, as a GN, in viewing an image such as a map. I can see the side tool bar where I can add layers, toggle view off/on and all the other stuff. When I run the game, will the player also see the tool bar as well or will they just see the map and what I allow them to see (NPC's etc)


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    Players cannot see that panel.

    If you look at the screen shot below, on the player side, if you hover over the lock, you can see that it is set to Read Only, so the player cannot unlock the panel.

    You can always check what a player sees by opening a second instance of Fantasy Grounds, and choosing 'join campaign' and either search for your game if you used the Cloud Broker, or use localhost if you chose LAN game.

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    Welcome. The best way for you to understand what your players will see is to launch a second fantasy grounds and connect to the first launch. You can take control of characters and such and see what you players see.
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    Thank you both. I did open up and Join my game as a player and it really helped not only in my question but also in a few other areas that I was curious on. Cant wait to start a game.

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    You can also see the player view by click the triangle, which open another set of options, and click on the player view icon.


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