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    [Closed] Elder Scrolls RPG

    Greetings, fellow heroes of pen, dice, & paper! I'm a writer, game designer, and RPG enthusiast. Ever since I played D&D in a cabin in the woods when I was a kid, I have been a dedicated fan of TTRPGs. That was over 30 years ago and I have been honing my craft ever since. For me TTRPGs are all about the Story, the Characters in them, and the Choices they make because that is where you find all of those meaningful and truly EPIC moments.

    SPG Profile: The World Smith

    Platform(s): Fantasy Ground Unity (I have Ultimate License, you need free Demo version), Discord for audio

    Just need 1 more player to fill out the table
    The Elder Scrolls: Adventure Company
    Friday, 6-9 PM, $20 per player a session
    Link: Start Playing Games Link
    Adventure Company is a series of One-Shots that allow for players to drop in and out of the game from week to week. The story follows a newly formed guild in Hammerfell after the fall of the Empire called "Adventure Company". This guild sends out Adventurers to help the Province of Hammerfell... for a price of course. Each Session will be centered around the a Bounty Board of quests the group chooses. Each Session will be centered around one of these "bounties".

    This is a classic fantasy setting with its very own rich history and lore, though you do not need to be a die-hard TES fan like myself to appreciate it. The adventure involves working together to escape almost certain doom. My style of play is to tailor make a gaming experience to fit an audience or theme. In this case to simulate an Elder Scrolls setting to a TTRPG crowd so they can experience the world in a whole new way. There will be plenty of combat, opportunities to explore, secrets to unearth, engaging NPCs to get to know, and the occasional puzzle or mystery to solve.
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