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    Is there any possibility of having the "arrange of the dice"?

    I would like to know why not having the data fix in the unity version, as it was in the classic version, is there any prediction or any way to get it back?

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    If I knew what this was I would try to make a fix but I never used this before. Can you expand on what you want?

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    Screenshots from FGC

    Attachment 49381 Attachment 49382

    Screenshots from FGU

    Attachment 49383

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    Its the ability to move the dice, and then right click and select Set Location. It sets the 'home' or 'return' location for the dice if they are rolled or if moved allows you to right click something like "Reset Dice" so they return to where you placed them.

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    I've fooled around with FGC to see that. I never really did much with FGC. I'll see what I can do to get this to work but I'll watch this thread in case others have solutions.

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    Pheew, it is long ago, back to when the Alpha was running. The problem was something with the physics' engine and the lighting shining on the dice which needs to be adjusted if they change their position. Something like that; essentially, it would have needed to be rewritten for FGU, and since it is not such an important feature (compared with LoS etc.) it never had a lot of priority (if there is any interest of readding it)

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    How in the world can I reset my dice to show at the bottom? I have NO idea how things got borked up -- but my chat window seems to house the modifiers and tower now up at the top of the chat (see image below). If I unlock the chat, it moves along with the modifiers and tower. I cannot seem to "unlock" just the tower to move it but somehow everything is stuck up top. I cannot move my dice back to the bottom. What file(s) do I need to delete and/or blow away to get everthing back to it's default position?


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    That looks like an extension that you have loaded which has moved a bunch of things (dice, dice tower, modifier stack, modifier buttons, etc.)


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    In the file called base.xml of the extension put this "text"

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

    Please see the license.html file included with this distribution for
    attribution and copyright information.


    <pointer defaultconeangle="5E" />

    <title frame="hotkeytitlebox" frameoffset="2,-2,5,2" margin="2,7" font="hotkey" />

    <!-- Dice -->
    <die name="d4">
    <die name="d6">
    <die name="d8">
    <die name="d10">
    <die name="d12">
    <die name="d20">

    <die name="dF" merge="delete" />
    <die name="rF" merge="delete" />
    <die name="gF" merge="delete" />
    <die name="bF" merge="delete" />
    <die name="pF" merge="delete" />

    <customdie name="d0">
    function onValue(result)
    return 0;

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