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    Effect Duration options

    Hey Leo, I am setting up some custom Patrons and one of them has a transformation effect that lasts 5 rounds per Class Level. I was trying to set that up to have an auto duration set up when placed on the character. Is there a multiplication function in the Duration formula? If so, what's the syntax?

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    Hey Tab!

    The short answer is yes. Duration is parsed into the main clause, operator, and modifier. The main clause can be a dice phrase (1d6+1), caster level (CL), or a number modifier. The operator (+-*/) is applied to the modifier, which can be CL, an ability score modifier in short form (ie, Int), or a number. This covers every possible duration from the core rules.

    In your case, CL is treated as the main clause and 5 is the modifier, so you would enter 'CL*5' for the duration.

    I'm working on a website that covers all the features that are different than 5E, but progress has been slow.

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    Cool! I was certain it was there I just didn't come up with the *.

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