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    LFP 4 players Pathfinder 2e for new custom Golarion campaign

    FG License: FGU Ultimate
    Game System: PF2

    Time Zone: GMT (British Summer Time)
    Day of week and time: Biweekly Sat or Sun, afternoons * I just edited a mistake here - what you read now is correct (woops!)
    If new game, planned start date: When mutually convenient, 9-10th Oct or 23-24th Oct?
    Planned Duration: 1st adventure takes PCs from level 1 to level 5-6. Framework for 2nd adventure also prepared.

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord or Skype, don't mind
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? Not unless requested

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Typical for Paizo adventure path, up to the group.
    Number of Players in game & needed: Need 4 players
    Character starting level & equipment: Intro adventure
    Character restrictions: I have the core rules, Advanced Players Guide and Lost Omens character guide so any characters covered by those rules.

    Details of your scenario: Strife in Grimbone is an adventure I designed set in Varisia. Some familiarity with history of that nation helpful for flavour but not necessary. No spoilers!

    I am new to FG but have familiarised myself with the VTT and know the PF2e rules fairly well. I am an "older" player, having started with D&D 1e and spent far too long in the NWN and NWN2 toolsets in the slightly less distant past.

    I imagine first session will include generating characters and choosing from some plot hooks I have set up personal to each PC.

    New players to roleplaying or FG welcome, as are experienced players looking for a custom adventure. But given my obvious age as above, beware "dad" humour and older edition D&D references humour.
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    I am looking for a new PF2e campaign, and your biweekly time frame sounds great. I have a little experience with Pathfinder Second but I love it. I have lots of experience with other systems as well.
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    I'm looking for a game, Pathfinder 2e would be awesome and the time could work well for me. I also am an "older" player that has played since D&D 1e and played a variety of game systems over the years.... It's been a while since I played but would love to get back into it.

    Quick note, Afternoon GMT would be Morning US time. (early morning Mountain time which is fine as I'm up early and everyone else is still asleep).

    Would love to hear from you.
    Any day in which you learn something is not a complete waste - Polgara

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    Sorry I had made a mistake with the time - I meant evenings UK time and afternoons US time, but to be honest I am flexible and afternoons are fine for me. There is a third person who can make 13.30 onward their time, which is BMT -3. I am BMT at the moment because of British Summer time. I understand mountain standard time is BMT-7.
    So if I said 4.30 pm BMT for about three hours, which is 9.30am to 12.30 Mountain standard time, is that OK for everyone?
    We would need a 4th player, but there have been 3 responses in 24 hours, so hopefully that won't be a problem.
    I slightly prefer Sundays but again am flexible.
    We could start this Sat/Sun or in another two weeks.

    Thanks for your interest. Looking forward to it!


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    I am interested in your campaign. The time is great for me as I am in the Pacific time zone (BMT-8), so it would be late morning, my time. I am an older player too (started in 1976). I have been playing pf2e since it came out. Not so experienced with FG. I was in a short lived Ashes campaign on FG a few months back. I only have the Demo, so let me know if I need another license.

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    I think this will work best if it's biweekly for me because I will be working some Saturdays, and 9.30 am works fine for me.

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    Hi All,

    Thank you for your interest!
    Looks like we have Nanael, Tinraven, Emerald-wind and Leinhh. Four intrepid heroes/ fickle ne'er do wells, enough for a party! We could take another 1 or 2 max if more are keen.

    I think it would be a good idea to have a session zero, and I can also let you choose a plot hook, and if others don't want to join, or for only part of the time, they can send me their character xml file via Discord.

    The other advantage of creating in a session zero is that I can do some automation for your PC ready for the adventure proper, for example setting up your hunt prey, your sneak attack, etc. Spells are already done thanks to the excellent work of Trenloe and others.

    Someone asked what level of FG is needed. I have ultimate licence so the free version is OK for you.

    We could start Sunday coming 4.30 pm my time which is BMT (GMT+1 etc etc).

    So far we have a ranger (don't know if archer or melee). Anything from core rules, lost omens and advanced players guide is OK.
    It's set in Varisia and what that usually entails(?!) There's outdoors, dungeons and small towns. City would be in the next adventure.

    Still looking forward to it!


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    Sundays are no good for me but next Saturday works great.

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    Tinraven, You wrote above that you could not make some Saturdays but not that you could make no Sundays, and biweekly was starting this weekend or in two weeks. I have cancelled the entry I just put on the calendar. if you can make biweekly but only next Saturday, those are the wrong weekends for me I am afraid.

    We could go ahead with three on Sunday coming, or wait another two weeks to Sat/Sun 23rd/24th.


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    Ok, my bad with communication. Sundays mornings are no good for me but I can do biweekly Saturday mornings that won't interfere with work. I can't start this Sunday but if you want start and I can jump in on the next session that would work.

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