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    Story Template issues

    Hey Dakadin,
    I posted this to House of Healing but it appears to be a RMC issue.
    I'm making Story Templates that I'm wanting to do hidden table calls upon. However the hidden call command "[?table] isn't working properly.
    fantasy grounds template issue.jpg
    In the jpg, the Golden Carp Supply result is generated using the [?Gender] command. The Zenith Store result is generated using [Gender].

    It WILL hide call results that aren't from an imbedded sub-table. As shown, it will hide the personal pronoun columns. But it WON'T hide the results from the sub-tables.
    Any suggestions?

    I have attached copies of all custom tables and Story Template involved
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    We are checking on this and seeing what might be the issue.
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    Yeah, superteddy57 pointed it out to me so I did some tests and can replicate the issue in CoreRPG and 5E. It looks like the rolls for the tables within tables is happening as a separate action so it isn't picking up that it needs to suppress the output. He is going to contact the appropriate developer to see about getting it fixed.

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    that's what I figured but was hoping it was my mistake. Ah well.

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    I was playing with the story templates and discovered this work-around.
    In the posted example I'm using the call [?Gender] to try to roll the Gender table and keep results hidden; but it doesn't hide the nested table results.
    Using the cross template referencing function, it DOES. So what I did was this.
    {:?Gender:G} which called the table, assigned the results to G, and didn't print anything to the resulting story entry.
    Then, where I did a reference; say Gender: #Gender|1#, I changed it to
    Gender: {#G|1#}

    Worked like a charm.

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