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    Changing charsheet frame from charsheet_main

    So I am trying to change the background frame of the main character sheet based on if they are playing a hero or a villain. I've been having trouble finding out how to get to the parent window object (not the DB object) but all attempts have failed. Anyone got a link to an example of how to affect a parent window settings like frame, font, etc.? Below is the code I currently have which does change the frame of the character_main sheet. The button is on character_main section. When I moved the button to charsheet, it works the way I want, but the buttons end up on all the other tabs so not ideal. I was looking through the API references, but wasn't able to find out how to get to where I'm trying to make the change programatically.

    function onButtonPress()
    	local nVal = window.hero_chk.getValue();
    	if nVal == 0 then
    	elseif nVal == 1 then
    Thanks in advance.

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    Instead of a button, you could put the script as an onInit function, see 3.5E record_char_main.xml for an idea on how to possibly write it.

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    Random thoughts in no particular order:

    * The item behaviors in 5E or 3.5E for the "item_main" window class and script might be a closer example.
    * I wouldn't suggest putting multiple fields/controls for essentially the same check (i.e. hero_chk/villian_chk). You can always just pull one and calculate the other. Or go towards the NPC type option in 3.5E which allows switching between Creature/Vehicle/Trap.
    * The "charsheet" window class is specifically for player-controlled characters, not as a repository for NPCs/villains. It's just going to complicate things to try to merge them. Just make the NPC sheet more complex for villians; and allow a Villian checkbox for the more complex characters (like wildcards in Savage Worlds) It will keep the combat tracker code simpler in the long run.


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    Thanks for the feedback. The way I'm reading the ruleset it looks like the villains could be player controlled as they have a similar character sheet with npcs being a more traditional type of npc (at least in the pdf). Ill check out those examples.

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    Found what I needed. window.parentcontrol.window.setFrame() got me to the top level charsheet (putting this here for posterity).

    Just for a little more background on how I'm interpreting the ruleset docs and why this function would exist. In theory, the DM and players have a good bit of latitude to make things up as you go. Having this piece allows a players character to turn from hero to villain and back based on a custom storyline (think Loki in the Marvel universe).

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