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    Question regarding Fear and Mental Conditions

    We've recently started playing Vaesen, and are still in the learning phase. We were discussing some of the rules after our session last night, and I was hoping some of the Vaesen GMs/players here might be able to clarify something regarding Fear and Mental Conditions.

    The core rules state:

    "On failure you become Terrified. Roll a six-sided die to see how many rounds it takes to regain control of yourself. Whether you flee, freeze, faint, or
    attack is up to you. Once you have regained control you are no longer Terrified.
    When you become Terrified, you suffer a number of mental Conditions equal to the Fear value. Each success on your Fear test reduces the number of
    Conditions that afflict you by 1. If you become Broken you sustain a mental critical injury."

    The way I interpret this is that you roll for the duration of the Terrified effects, but you still get mental Conditions. The conditions wouldn't fade when the terrified effects wear off, and would still need to be removed via all the different Condition healing options.

    My players interpret it as if the mental Conditions should fade with the terrified effects.

    How do you interpret the rule in your Vaesen campaigns?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I know this is a very old question, but I think the answer is that the mental Conditions stay with you until healed. That is my read.
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