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    Discord, music and the death of the bots

    «The bot is dead, long live the bot!»

    Now that Google decided to shut down our favorite music-streaming Discord bots (Groovy, Rhytm etc...), how are you folks managing to keep your music and ambience going on in your campaigns? Without any valid streaming alternatives, I was considering falling back to Sinusbot local streaming and pair it with something like Soundpad, but I'm open to ideas.

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    I use teamspeak for my streaming needs. I would prefer to use Discord but it's far too fiddly. I might look into something called pipeline that apparently lets you stream via bots, but I've heard it can also be fiddly to use.

    With teamspeak, I have VLC (Virtual Line Cables) setup which you can download and install easy enough. Then it's a case of setting up your sound and getting a separate instance of teamspeak up. Been using this method since forever and other than the occasional hiccup, it works fine. Can play any sound I want and my players can independently turn down the volume of the second instance if they wish.

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    It takes more work as you will need sounds downloaded on your local computer, but I still think RPGSounds on steam is a great music/sound streamer. It has very solid sound board capabilities and can be used to make ambience tracks or just play single tracks. You host listening sections from the app and players simple need to go to a URL the app generates to listen.

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    I use Discord audio pipe coupled with a virtual audio cable, the combination of which allows you to connect a bot to Discord from your local computer and stream media to your voice channel. This has the added benefit of keeping the music stream as a separate client so other people can manage the volume as they like. With this setup, you can't stream directly from YT/Spotify/etc but there are other tools you can use to download those media files should you so choose.

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    @gwydion has provided many audio solutions over the years, and he has recently given newer audio solutions via YouTube. There are several videos less than six months old! There is also more intermediate knowledge showcases on audio solutions on YouTube online in regards to Fantasy Grounds.
    One of the future features on the long-term roadmap for Unity was/is a sound solution.
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    Yeah i read on some discord servers people were quite upset at this change. I use audiopipe and that still works fine. I get a lot of music from YouTube but i don't stream it. I record it with audacity to an mp3 then i either upload to battlebards for my soundboard s or i play it straight through audiopipe to discord. Sound is stereo and very high quality (about as high as you can get with discord) theres no pops or hisses so it works.

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