Currently the 2 biggest times when FGU lags is when tokens are moving (especially on a larger map) or whenever FGU is saving its data, allegedly mainly if you have a lot of stuff like maps and modules loaded. This suggestion deals with the latter situation.

It'd be great if when loading into FGU a backup was automatically made and the frequency at which FGU would save everything could be adjusted from just being every 5 Minutes. It's kind of ridiculous that people purchase/make many reference modules and then are told to only load them when they're in use to avoid FGU going unresponsive while the data is saved every 5 minutes. While it would be great to somehow speed up this saving process (because having 64GB of RAM doesn't seem to do much), but a quicker and simpler solution for now would be to just let people adjust the Saving Frequency from the launcher so it can be set to something like every 1-2 Hours instead so that running a game is much less impacted by the save times.

Now saving data is obviously very important to prevent data loss in case of a crash, but that's why I suggested being able to adjust it from the launcher, possibly even have a window pop up right before a game a user is Hosting is launched to prompt them to pick the frequency. Not only this, but it'd also be best to also have FGU automatically save when it is closed down (though I'm sure it already does this) with another prompt asking for the user to wait patiently for FGU to close down by itself after the saving process is done.

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