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    Manual apply critical hits in ship combat


    Firstly I just like to say that my group has tried ship combat for the first time with the new highguard implementation and it went great!

    For all normal ship combat I would say that the current version works pretty well and I did not run into any bugs. But I did have a question, and that is how would I add a manual critical hit effect to a ship.

    For example, my group was trying to disabled a ships engines using the aiming at the sub systems rule in highguard and pirates of drinax. They applied all the modifiers and rolled to hit to succeed. However I realized quickly then that unlike normal CT effects, there doesn't seem to be a button for ship critical hit effects though the critical itself already exist in the game (I found this after numerous tests). Is there a button somewhere that I am missing (in which a quick screenshot or tutorial would be handy) or is that not yet implemented?

    Best Regards

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    I screen shot the Ship Critcal hit chart and use token to keep track of it

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