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    DM LFP - Curse of Strahd 5e Game

    Land of Dread, a Curse of Strahd Game

    FG License: GM has Ultimate, players can use any version - including Free

    VTT Version: FGU (Fantasy Grounds Unity)

    Number of Players Sought: 1 to 2 (Currently have 4 playars)

    Time Zone: Eastern Time USA

    Day of week and time: Thursday’s at 7:00pm

    Planned day, time, and Frequency: Every Thursday at 7:00pm eastern.

    Term: I’m thinking it could last 15 to 25 sessions, but that could change depending on the player’s decisions.

    Communications: You will need a working microphone and speakers (or a headset with a microphone), as voice communication is required if you want to play. We will use Discord.

    Will This Game Be Streamed? No.

    Will Audio Be Recorded? No

    Combat/Exploration/Roleplay Mix: (40/30/30): This will depend on the players. But I tend to lean towards combat.

    Character Starting Level: 5th level

    DM Note: We are currently two sessions into the game. The current party is made up of a Paladin, Monk, Cleric and a Sorcerer. The party is currently 5th level. They did start out at 5th level.

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    I would be interested. I am in Las Vegas (Pacific time) so 7 pm EST is good for me. I would be interested in playing either a Human Ranger or a Rogue.

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    I would definetly like to try and join this game if possible.I have alot of 5e experience and have always wanted to play through the strahd campaign. I am kind of new to FGU but I m learning it fast

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