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    We will be playing thursday evening, so will report back after that. Thanks again.

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    Our group this evening did some experimenting with different settings, as the slow token movement with or without token lock had been slowing us down substantially recently. We noticed one of our characters with darkvision was moving normally though and put it together that it relates to light sources. Then I found this thread.

    What we observed was that neither removing the LIGHT effect nor disabling lighting on the map solved the issue.
    I also tested closing and reopening the map and that still didn't help.
    However, reconnecting after the map had been set to lighting off and any lighting effects removed from tokens did appear to fix the issue for us.

    We captured various settings in the attached mp4s, which are named according to what was tested. In the file names, "Lighting Off" means Token has no LIGHT effects. Map Lighting off, means the map lighting settings were turned off. The rest should be self explanatory but if not please let me know.

    Hope this helps.

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    When submitting data like this, please include a copy of the campaign folder as well. It allows us to attempt to recreate issues locally.

    Are you guys using ambient lighting on any of the maps that were running slow?


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    Just to confirm... Issues 2 and 3 appear to be resolved based on last night's testing.

    Lag from 1 was present, but didn't seem to be as bad last night. I have no data to support this, just anecdotal observation. For example.. It may have been down to us using a different map with different lighting for last nights encounters.

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    Thanks for letting us know. We have another patch queued up already for the next release that should improve performance when ambient lighting used.


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