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    FG Demo and modules question

    Hey guys, do I need a full license of some sort to use modules/books? Basically can I buy Mutants and Masterminds and use it on Demo or do I need at least standard. Thanks guys

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    You definitely use to need a license to do that but some parts of the licensing got relaxed a little.
    You cant really run any real games on the demo license - just you and one other.

    Either way - if you buy from the FG Store you can refund it within 30 days if it isnt working for you.

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    Welcome to the forums and FG Community!

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    Just to clarify what @damned said, the FGU demo does not allow any hosting; but otherwise doesn't limit your usage of DLC products. (The older FGC demo had different limits.)


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    Thanks for the clarifications guys! greatly appreciate it

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