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    Quote Originally Posted by BushViper View Post
    Hi Zarestia,

    First, I love the extension, but there is a conflict with Rob2e's Critically Awesome Essentials, more specifically, the DM Tools component that allows you to assign a token to a spell in the actions tab of the player character sheet.

    With Spell Action Information enabled, it blocks the radial menu option of DM Tools to give the spell a token. I've spoken with DiabloBob and we both confirmed the issue and that it is indeed a direct conflict between the two extensions.

    He told me yesterday that he sent over the necessary code that would allow your two extensions to play nice together so hopefully, you found it useful.

    Again, thank you for creating this convenient extension.
    I've updated the extension with code from DiabloBob, should work now. Forge update might take some minutes.

    Update v3.1
    - Added compatibility with critically awesome essentials' DM Tools

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    I updated it and it works beautifully. Thank you.

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    I don't know if this has been reported but there is a conflict with MeAndUnique's Captial gains ext. When you right click to add a resource it throws:
    [string "campaign/scripts/power_item.lua"]:119: attempt to index global 'powertknbutton' (a nil value)

    I posted to him as well.
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    Zarestia and I have been in communication and hope to have this resolved soon.
    My Forge creations: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/crafter/9/view-profile
    My GitHub: https://github.com/MeAndUnique
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeAndUnique View Post
    Zarestia and I have been in communication and hope to have this resolved soon.
    With help and testing from MeAndUnique we should've solved this hopefully. If anyone finds any more compatibility problems, please post them in the adequate thread.

    Update v3.2:
    - Better compatibility with several extensions (CAE, CG, and Verses Magicae)

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    Update v3.3
    - Fixed the recognition of "1 full-round action"

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    This extension has been tested with the new updates in the Test channel and no extension updates are necessary.

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    Would it be possible to add an 'R' for spells that are rituals? That is another piece of information that is helpful. Just a thought.

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