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    Release Updates for September 14th, 2021

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    Note: Hotfixes are to fix an immediate problem that prevents using a product. They are not fully tested and may introduce other issues. If you have issues with a hotfix please contact support.

    Note: Fantasy Grounds Classic is no longer receiving regular updates. These updates are for Fantasy Grounds Unity unless specifically noted.

    The following products have been updated:

    WOIN (WOiN)
    • [Updated] NPCs now use PC method of attack actions

    N.E.W. (WOiN)
    • [Updated] Tidied up and moved some code to the WOIN ruleset.

    Lankhmar: City of Thieves (Savage Worlds)
    • [Updated] Near-total rework of both reference manual with v4.x (Unity-only!) markup. New organization for Player Guide more closely mimics that of the SWADE Player Guide for consistency. Chapter numbers removed for readability within the index pane; all chapter references now use the text names.
    • [Removed] Arcane Background registration removed from extension.
    • [Added] Arcane Backgrounds now included in the Player Guide using the new AB functionality in the SWADE v5.4.1+ ruleset.
    • [Fixed] A few circumstances of Knowledge (Arcana) and Knowledge (Religion) somehow persisted. Changed to Occult.
    • [Fixed] Two instances of Knowledge (Forgery) changed to Academics.
    • [Fixed] The Arcane Skill text was a duplicate of the Learning New Powers text.
    • [Fixed] Ballista reload is 4 in the box but note was 1.
    • [Fixed] Racial Abilities moved from root node to reference node.
    • [Added] Racial Abilities list to library

    Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing (N.E.W.) (WOiN)
    • [Fixed] Theme errors now resolved
    • [Updated] Theme updated to fit better

    RMC The Armoury (Rolemaster Classic)
    • [Added] MaxRoll to result table in The Armoury

    Rolemaster Classic (Rolemaster Classic)
    • [Added] MaxRoll to result tables in Arms Law, Character Law and Spell Law
    • [Updated] Character Law MM Table to include the new effects
    • [Added] NPC: Constitution used to determine death option to determine when an NPC receives the Dead effect instead of the Unconscious effect
    • [Added] Turn: Open/Close Sections option to automatically open and close Combat Tracker sections
    • [Added] Parry: Allow Missile Parry option to turn on the Missile field for parry to support Arms Law (section 2.2)
    • [Fixed] Adrenal Defense isn't auto calculating when the skill changes
    • [Fixed] The Apply button on Large and Super-Large critical tables isn't applying the correct result for values over 100
    • [Fixed] Error when using the Apply button on the MM Table

    Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Annual (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
    • [Fixed] Minor typos and special characters.
    • [Updated] Core rules modules merged to avoid duplication of library data.
    • [Added] Invoke patron spells.

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends (Pathfinder 2.0)
    • [Fixed] Typo fix on Artokus's Fire

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Agents of Edgewatch AP 2: Sixty Feet Under (Pathfinder 2.0)
    • [Fixed] Two Parcels Fixed that were sharing a label

    D&D Curse of Strahd (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Missing Occluder
    • [Fixed] Iron Golem typo

    D&D Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Typos
    • [Updated] Simulacrum type changed from humanoid to Construct

    D&D Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Incorrectly named Table
    • [Fixed] Image Link
    • [Fixed] Typo

    Dungeon Crawl Classics Ruleset (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
    • [Fixed] Vision type ‘infravision’ not working.

    D&D Tomb of Annihilation (5E) (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Position of tokens in one encounter
    • [Updated] King of Feathers hit points
    • [Fixed] Incorrectly named tokens

    D&D Player's Handbook (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Updated] Fighter Action Surge ability wording
    • [Fixed] Various typos and formatting issues

    13th Age Ruleset (13th Age)
    • [Added] The 13th Age Ruleset now directly sits on top of CoreRPG without D&D 4E in the middle. There are still some 4E-isms scattered throughout the ruleset and these will be changed and/or removed over time in subsequent updates.
    • [Fixed] In some cases the power category headers would not update correctly when a new power was dropped into the power list.
    • [Fixed] An effect marked as expire at end of turn ("END") will now correctly expire even if there is another actor at the same initiative count.
    • [Fixed] Duration field for effects was not anchored correctly.
    • [Fixed] The Icons view in the party sheet would not update correctly when the icons were changed on a PCs character sheet.
    • [Fixed] The effect duration control was not cycling when clicked.
    • [Fixed] Clicking the 'Add' button to add a power to an NPC sheet would generate a script error.
    • [Fixed] When the 'Rally' power is auto-created on a character sheet, it will now also get a Heal action button.

    Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (Mutant Crawl Classics)
    • [Updated] Attack bonuses updated in class records to match data type change in ruleset.
    • [Added] Archaic alignments added to Core Rules data module.
    • [Added] Rollable tables created for Table 6-3: Personal Assistant AI Ability Ranges.
    • [Fixed] NPC saving throws not linking to combat tracker.
    • [Fixed] Weapon meta damage bonus not adding to melee and missile attacks.
    • [Fixed] Divider displaying on NPC record when type and size fields are empty.
    • [Updated] Archaic alignment link added to Alignment field on Main tab of char sheet.
    • [Updated] Separate number field created for missile attack bonus on class record.
    • [Updated] Core rules modules merged to avoid duplication of library data.
    • [Updated] Power counter functionality merged for wetware progarms and abilities.
    • [Updated] Changed ‘Cast’ label to ‘Chk’ for power actions on char sheet.
    • [Updated] Changed ‘Spells’ label to ‘Pwr’ for NPC powers in combat tracker.
    • [Updated] Separated cast and save actions so each power can have multiple save actions. NPC powers display save buttons in the combat tracker, allowing the judge to roll a save for the target without opening the NPC record.
    • [Updated] Double clicking the NPC power name in combat tracker appends the ‘[LOST]’ label (or removes existing label).
    • [Updated] Bonus hit points from ‘The Ecobot’ birth sign applied at character creation and level advancement. Starting luck modifier must be appended to lucky roll field on char sheet – for example, ‘The Ecobot: Hit points (applies at each level) +2’.
    • [Updated] Bonus languages from ‘The Universal Translator’ birth sign applied at character creation.
    • [Updated] Mutant, Manimal, and Plantient appearance or subtype added to Notes tab when occupation dropped to char sheet.
    • [Added] Archaic alignment record type in data library.
    • [Added] Slash command ‘/funnel [username] [#chars]’ created for 0-level character generation. Parameters are optional. Host/GM only.
    • [Added] Two-handed weapon handling type.
    • [Added] Charge modifier button adds +2 to attack and applies effect ‘Charging; AC: -2’ with duration 1 round to PC.

    The After (Savage Worlds Adventure Edition)
    • [Fixed] Garbled text in Thunder Gulch adventure (Wong's Lab)

    Titan Effect (Savage Worlds)
    • [Fixed] Flashbanf, Bug #173

    Starfinder RPG - Alien Archive 4 (Starfinder)
    • [Fixed] Grenade category for three items.

    Starfinder RPG - Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual (Starfinder)
    • [Fixed] Table errors.
    • [Removed] Duplicate tables. Random item that was included.
    • [Fixed] Small grammatical errors.

    Starfinder RPG - Core Rules (Starfinder)
    • [Removed] Empty story entry

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Extinction Curse AP 6: The Apocalypse Prophet (Pathfinder 2.0)
    • [Updated] Modified to use the new PF2 automation effects for NPC special abilities
    • [Fixed] Problem with Elysian Sheep's special abilities entries

    Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Core Rules (Pathfinder for Savage Worlds)
    • [Added] World Map Module
    • [Added] Benny Graphics
    • [Fixed] Broken GM Bestiary links
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    Pathfinder RPG - Campaign Setting: Book of the Damned - Volume 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Pathfinder RPG and D&D 3.5/ OGL)
    • [Fixed] added feat so that the feat link would give appropriate result
    Have a suggestion for a feature? Go here https://fgapp.idea.informer.com

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