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    How do I make Damage rolls for weapons and spells do roll X and keep Y highest/lowest

    I know that the dice roller in Unity works just fine with the command:

    /roll 2d4k1
    (roll two D-fours and keep the highest one)


    /roll 3d6kl2
    (roll three D-sixes and keep the lowest two)

    But, when I add these details to NPC attacks or damage descriptions Unity doesn't recognize them.

    Is there a special quoting system I have to use or is there a way to get this to work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pearman565 View Post
    I'd suggest rolling two random numbers: One for the chance to hit and another for the actual damage dealt. You could also combine them with player attributes. Example:

    if random.uniform(0, 100) < player.chance_to_hit:
    damage = random.uniform(weapon.min_damage, weapon.max_damage)
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