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    2 LFG - Pacific Weeknights, or More for Weekends

    Hi there. My wife and I are long time players of DnD 3.x as well as other systems. Sadly, due to health reasons and friends having moved away we don't have a regular gaming group. We are really hoping to be able to pick up a DnD game that runs weeknights or Sundays for the two of us, or something on Saturday for probably 4 people. Our schedule is reasonably flexible, we are in Pacific Time Zone so GMT -8.

    A little bit about us as people. I have been playing for well over 20 years Dungeons and Dragons as well as a plethora of other RPGs, CCGs, BGs, and other fun things that I can lay my grubby little paws on. My wife and I met when she was first getting into gaming, and I quickly and easily showed her the dark side of addiction. When we used to have a regular gaming group she and I alternated DMing for our friends, but this has lead us with a real desire to play together. Both of us enjoy extended game sessions if we are able to get them, as the 4 hour blocks feel incomplete.

    If a Saturday option is available we have two friends that would enjoy playing. Both of them have been in our gaming group for a long time and have played for 20+ years as well.

    Thanks for your time, and hopefully there is something out there for us.

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    You say your schedule is reasonably flexible. Does that mean that you will be able to meet Saturday one week and Sunday the next (i.e. group agrees on the next mutual session at the end of the last)?

    Second, how quickly are you looking to dive into a campaign?

    I don't have anything going currently, but I am building a long-form campaign that might fit what you're looking for.

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    I'm looking to start a Pafic weeknight Shackled City campaign. It's in the calendar under "Shackled City: Mondays 7:30PM PST".

    I have 15 years of DM experience (on and off), mostly in FR, but none with online DMing. I'm willing to give it a try anyhow.

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    PM sent over to you in response to your other post anti.

    As for Saturday one week and Sunday another, the problem with that is that although my wife and I have a fairly open schedule, our 2 friends only join us on Saturdays. So the answer would be sadly no, game swapping those days would not work well.

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