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    Ambient Lighting

    So I watched the videos and tried to get things set with vision, token lights and ambient lights and failed.

    I took off the default vision on several tokens, verified that they had no light sources, set a vision range of of 15 ft near, 25 fall off, 30 far, 50 fall off, vision on, and ignore darkness off. When I have no lights set the map player view is in shades of grey with the vision working. if I turn on ambient lighting (the dusk preset) the tokens can see as far as there isn't a wall in the way.

    What am I missing? does ambient light override any vision settings?

    I'm trying to set a misty sunset in a forest where everything is tinted with the fading sun light but the mist obscures anything too far away.

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    Ambient light affects the entire map, unless you apply a mask.

    Perhaps VISMAX or VISMOD is what you want?


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    those will work. Thanks for the direction.

    Is there a way to have the dimming effect with the vismax option?

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    No, VISMAX is just a hard cutoff since that is what the system allows currently, so that would be a feature request. (see my sig)


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