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    LFP for several module games! Friday and Saturday.

    Hey what's going on, I'm ayeitsgreasy and i am currently looking for people interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

    I have around 5 solid years of DM Experience under by belt, with most of that being under home brew worlds I've created EX: Legend of Zelda, Mass effect, And Fallout; as well as your standard D&D adventures. I have recently gotten into the official written modules, I'm currently looking to run Princes of the apocalypse, And Curse of strahd.

    I use Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate edition. (you can find the free demo on steam or FG website which is all you will need), which is a virtual tabletop that has all the official books, allows you to create your characters and roll dice within, as well as hold all the information for my campaign. along with the module maps, i also create my own custom battlemap's, taking advantage of the fantasy grounds unity Lighting, effects, and player sight add on's to really add to the ambience.

    We also use discord for voice, and i also use a music bot for ambient music during the game.

    There are TWO time slots I am looking to fill.
    All times are In MDT time



    This is a perfect opportunity for new people to come in and learn the game, I teach plenty of new folks in my current games. We're here to have some fun and roll some dice. I also have no restrictions for the type of character you want to play, will also allow unearthed arcana and other homebrew types, as long as you run them by me and we agree they are balanced for the game.

    So these campaign's are going to be pay to play, The first session Is free, just to give you a feel for my style and decide if my table is right for you. But afterwards I am asking for $5/session or $20/Month.

    Feel free to message me for more information.

    Thank you for the consideration.
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    Did you ever get the princes of apocalypse game going?

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