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    Bug - windowinstance.close(true) - does not close on clients

    I have no reason to think this is a new but (maybe it is, no idea) but I had reason to use windowinstance.close(true) to force windows to close on a client but they never do.

    Maybe I'm using it for the wrong purpose but what I wanted was:

    Host sets image to public. Host opens the image. Client opens the image. Host hits a new button to close it on the host side with the version closing on the client as well. Should this not work with windowinstance.close(true)?

    From the API guide:

    function close([closeclients])
    Closes the window.


    closeclients (boolean) [optional]
    If true and running as the host, the corresponding window will be closed for all clients that have it open as well.
    For various reasons I don't want to make the image private to force the close.

    Am I wrong somehow or is this a bug. I'm using 2E ruleset but I don't think this is a 2E issue.


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    That API document is not correct; and did not work that way in FGC either. I'm not sure where that came from; but it's been the same way for at least 5 years (if not longer).

    windowinstance.close will only close the local copy of the window on a client. (whether GM or player).

    EDIT: I also fixed the API documentation page as well.


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    LOL. Thanks, that explains it.


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    Are there any api details you can share about the imagedatacontrol?


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    The imagedatacontrol is a completely internally built component meant to be a black box. There is only a single API of setColor that is unique to the imagedatacontrol to allow setting the foreground color for theming.


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