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    FGU Bug: Token Light Remaining after Token is Deleted


    - Light Source attached to token still appears on map after token is deleted.


    - CoreRPG
    - 5E

    New Campaign / FGC Migrated Campaign:

    - New Campaign in FGU and existing games in FGU


    - No extensions
    - Themes tested were CoreRPG and Light Theme

    Modules Loaded:

    - FG Battle Maps and 5E Rulebooks

    Operating System / Language Setting:

    - Windows 10 English Setting

    Steps to Reproduce:

    - Create Image Map with LOS and Lighting Enabled
    - Ensure Ambient Lighting is Off
    - Drag a character without vision from the CT to the Map
    - Add a Light Source to the token on the CT from the Effects menu light presets
    - Delete token from the map and light continues displaying
    - Closing and reopening the map fixes the issue but the light should disappear when the token is deleted from the map.

    Thanks for your hard work with this program! It's been a blast running D&D games on it with friends.

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    I noticed the same issue with token vision as well.

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    Thanks for reporting. We're aware of the issue and working on a fix. It's a little slower on a fix, since we are also working on some optimizations that aren't quite ready.

    I'm not sure what you are referring to. When you delete a token, then it can't have vision. Are you talking about other tokens still seeing light? If so, then that's the same issue.


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    Yes, it would be the same issue. Sorry for the confusion. Karnvao specifically mentioned tokens without vision, so I just thought Id point it out.

    Thank you.

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    Moon Wizard,

    The issue that Erivatius brought up is still relevant after the update. Steps to reproduce:

    - Add a token to the map without vision
    - Add token vision to the token using the Lighting Setting on the map
    - Delete token and the token's vision still lingers on the map after deletion

    This was tested in the CoreRPG and the 5e ruleset with no extensions.

    Thank you

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    I’m not following what you mean by adding a token to map without vision. All tokens have standard vision and optionally have light effects.

    What do you mean by adding vision to a token? Are you talking about darkvision or another special vision type?

    Can you walk me through the exact steps on a new map?


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    The steps I'll use will be with the Core RPG ruleset with no extensions with FG Battle Maps Module loaded

    - Create a new character with no data entry, just add a portrait which should generate a token image
    - Add character to the combat tracker
    - Open an image that utilizes LOS (I picked BattleMap_outdoor1 for this instance)
    - Add character from the combat tracker to the map
    - Using the toolbar ensure the Player Preview Vision Mode is on
    - Unlock the Map and select the Lighting Setting
    - Select the Token Vision Setting and select your token on the map
    - Use either preset Darkvision or whichever preset you would like and then Add Vision
    - At this point the token should now have vision on the map and is able to see clearly
    - Select the Play Setting and then delete the token from the map
    - The token should have been removed but their vision still remains

    Hopefully this helps in clearing things up a bit. Thank you for all the hard work on this software.

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    Perfect. Thanks for the detailed steps. I was able to recreate, and submit to @cpinder to look at.


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