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    Any way to filter the store to show all On Sale items?

    It's probably better for my pocketbook that it's not easy to just find Sale items. Saves me from buying rules/modules I didn't know I wanted, until they were on sale.
    But is there any way to see *all* the currently discounted / On-Sale items in the Fantasy Grounds Store?

    Feels like it should be a checkbox right next to the 'Hide items I already own' check-box, or have a listing right below Top Sellers(which *are* frequently there because they are on sale, or have been recently).

    The easiest, but also pretty round-about way, I've found is looking on Steam to find the sales. Then pop back to Fantasy Grounds to find the same item. On Steam you can view all the rules/modules in the category, and they've got a Discounts tab that shows the regular price, sale price, and percentage off.

    In general it seems that items that are available on multiple stores(Steam, dmsguild, Fantasy Grounds store), tend to be on sale for the same price at all of the stores. dmsguild's interface is slightly better than Fantasy Ground's store, but also generally isn't possible to filter to Fantasy Grounds items only, instead of just filtering on just the VTT category.


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    when I click on the store - without any filters - it shows me first everything on sale, then newly added, then everything else (over several pages sometimes depending on how much 'stuff' is there).

    So by default - everything on sale should be first on the list when clicking on the store - just don't filter it....

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    Click on the advanced filter and check off popularity then search. It will show all the sale items first.

    And welcome to FG.
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