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    Looking for a group to play with

    I am eastern time and have zoom and line chat, and to online playing but have played in person person and i love to adventure and learn...

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    What system(s) are you interested in?

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    it doesn't matter which system of a game that you are planning to do, i can get used to playing anything i catch on quick

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    I've loved DnD since i heard about it in the 80's i just could never find anybody to play it with me, i know about the rules but not all the rules so i would love to find some people who would like to play games with if anybody is interested i would like to chat.

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    Hi, new here and also looking for a group (or just anyone) to introduce me to how things work. Not sure if i should start my own thread or if its okay to hop on this one. @kmbright would be down to chat about your knowledge and experience!

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    For anyone insterested, i'm about to start a new game for Five Torches Deep (Based on 5E D&D). i'm on the west coast and was thinking about one evening a week or maybe a on a weekend evening if that's of interest. The idea is that this would be a introduction to RPGs and/or Fantasy Grounds to teach new players how the rulesets work, etc. let me know if anyone is interested.

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    Have 1 or 2 seats open in an ongoing Pulp Cthulhu campaign. Every other Wednesday 8pm to 11pm central time.

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    I am looking for players for my homebrew PF2e campaign. Feel free to contact me at xLogisticsx#3399 for more information.

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    You still looking for players for your game?

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    I have the openings filled unless something doesn't work out with one of the new players. I know another Keeper who may be looking for once or two players for his Pulp Cthulhu campaign. I'll ask him, if he is I'll PM you his user name and you can contact him.

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